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Now unzip the archive and put php_mongo.dll in your PHP extension directory "ext" by default and add the following line to your php.ini file − extension = php_mongo.dll Make a Connection and Select a Database. To make a connection, you need to specify the database name, if the database doesn't exist then MongoDB creates it automatically. Home Subscribe MongoDB PHP tutorial. In this tutorial we show how to work with MongoDB in PHP. We use the new mongodb driver for PHP. There is a concise PHP tutorial on ZetCode. L’esempio definisce una query MongoDB\Driver\Query[], applicata poi alla collection mediante il metodo executeQuery. Poichè la query è definita passando come argomento un array vuoto, il risultato consisterà nella lettura di tutte le entry della collection specificata. When evaluating query criteria, MongoDB compares types and values according to its own comparison rules for BSON types, which differs from PHP’s comparison and type juggling rules. When matching a special BSON type the query criteria should use the respective BSON class in the driver e.g. use MongoDB\BSON\ObjectId to match an ObjectId. I have a list of street names and I want to select all that start with "Al". In my MySQL I would do something like SELECT FROM streets WHERE "street_name" LIKE "Al%" How about MongoDB using PHP?

28/06/2016 · Docker Beginner Tutorial 1 - What is DOCKER step by step Docker Introduction Docker basics - Duration: 6:01. Automation Step by Step - Raghav Pal 374,613 views. 07/03/2014 · net start MongoDB net stop MongoDB Installing the PHP driver for MongoDB. The MongoDB server is built to already work with your current web server, but not PHP. To make PHP talk to the MongoDB server, we are going to need the PHP-MongoDB driver. It is a PHP extension library. If you use Linux install it easily via: sudo pecl install mongo. MongoDB - Query Document - In this chapter, we will learn how to query document from MongoDB collection.

To support this query, rather than a compound index, you would create one index on quantity and another index on price. I want to query something with SQL's like query:. How to query MongoDB with “like”? Ask Question Asked 9 years,. I had several issues with php mongo like. i found that concatenating the regex params helps in some situations PHP mongo find field starts with. In this chapter, we will learn about covered queries. What is a Covered Query? As per the official MongoDB documentation, a covered query is a query in which − All the fields in the query are part of an index. All the fields returned in the query are in the same index.

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